Terms of services
1 - The Parties
1.1: The services specified in this contract services (hereinafter referred to as Services) providing Weblica Internet Software Services.�(Hereinafter referred to as Weblica.net) with the new customer registration details specified in section specified by the person / organization (hereinafter referred to as Client) Weblica.net of 'operating in the Internet at the web site owned by http://www.Weblica.net (as the Site referred to) and use of services to be purchased through this site with the following materials and conditions shall be deemed to have been signed.
1.2: Parties declare the accuracy of the information written in the contract, and is committed to.

2 - Subject
2.1: This contract transactions on the site by the customer, orders, messages sent to the signup process, and not to permit the partitions that are in line with the information he provided, in accordance with the preferences will take orders for services Weblica.net to arrange to pay fees.�These service and process explanations are as follows.
2.2: Join the information entered by the customer during the members only in this information.�This information will be taken for transactions in the customer base and the member is assumed that this information is accurate, complete and correct entry.

3 - Responsibilities
3.1: Weblica.net, at the request of the customer's order will allow the services to transmit.�Costs related to the adoption of an order, charged with the message that Weblica.net service specified in the order in question will accept and will commit.�Weblica.net, the service does not accept responsibility for problems arising during the period of force majeure.
3.2: Method of Payment, KDV specifying the differences with the total amount issued during the customer's order to pay a monthly or annual fees to be paid according to their preferences will be notified by Weblica.net.
3.3: Order acceptance and approval of transactions after the Weblica.net, in the detail of customer orders for the service control panel, ftp, sql, and e-mail user names and passwords to the customer and the service will be started forward.�Responsibility of the relevant accounts and passwords is the responsibility of the customer's customer will be responsible for loss or damage arising from these issues.
3.4: Customer statements and warnings received by the service within the Weblica.net shall undertake to comply.�Client, hosting account, taking advantage of any warning or notice to comply issued by Weblica.net statement, and undertakes to accept.�Customer, have taken possession in the service (except for packages dealers) as its free and unlimited free or provided services again and / or distribute to third parties in limited or unlimited, not sell.
3.5: Customer service is having within the software and programs that are not using the right of access to access the files or programs, create one's no problem for this kind of problem, problems, and problems that may occur when the damage is committed to meet.
3.6: Customer's domain name, hosting, or the use of the services received, which will enter into force during the duration of the contract in force, or taxes, duties and obligations as its own and similar agrees and undertakes to meet.
3.7: Customer service, all contained within the files, documents and programs, web sites and e-mail services, he was responsible for all activities with the use and benefit, in that data, information, and all civil and criminal liability arising from statements posted ads, the law itself, and is committed to meeting the�is. Business problems that may arise in this regard Weblica.net to be forwarded to any defect.
Weblica.net pages before being sent to review, confirm, or not sales made by the user does not take responsibility for the pages in any way.�Weblica.net user accounts for violating these guidelines or for any other reason or Weblica.net of users of their own, or may terminate for any of the work he believes to be harmful.�Elephants and learns from the actions of unconstitutionality Weblica.net customer has the right to delete without notice.
3.8: Weblica.net, improper use of customer data is located in the provided services, data, content, e-mail with all the data used can not be held liable for any damages arising from any material or moral.�This data backup and storage obligations are for the customer.�Weblica.net all the customer data backup on a regular basis and subject to tutucakt�r care.�Despite this Weblica.net errors that may occur due to data loss or interruption that may occur in services, Weblica.net is not responsible for damages and losses.�Backing up data is the customer's responsibility unless otherwise specified in the text of the contract.
3.9: Weblica.net, orders issued and paid by the customer carried out as smoothly carry out the domain name registration procedures.�Agreed with the request for registration with the registration fee paid, and ordered the owner of domain names is the customer.�Weblica.net customer demands in this regard will be able to operate on the domain name.�By the customer over the domain name of a regulation, the amendment shall as soon as possible and transfer taleblerini.
3.10: Weblica.net provided to customers free hosting service has the right to stop, without notice. Weblica.net provided technical support to customers free hosting services reserves the right to tender.
3.11: Weblica.net 's customers that provided the recipients e-mail request to discard spam without the public service (over 100) to send e-mail, to send promotional e-mails is prohibited.�Perceived as spam, and senders of such e-mail alert e-mail sent to 3 units is detected and a warning mail to be received at the end of each service has the right to cancel a portion or all of the Weblica.net.

4 - Duration
4.1: Work for this contract and payment transactions via internet Weblica.net order to start transmitting with the rights and obligations of the parties.
4.2: The contract period in order to serve the customer during the payment period is chosen.
4.3: Parties up to 10 working days before the expiration of the contract at the end of the contract period expires, the contract notice etmemi�ler with the previous contract period extends up to the same terms and provisions.�(Reserved for changes in husunda charged.).

5 - Wage
5.1: Work for this fee to be paid as specified in the contract for services up to the amount specified during the order process.�The prices are calculated by including the KDV and the customer showing the collection takes place later.
5.2: Weblica.net prices and tariffs without prior notice, reserves the right to make changes on a prospective basis.�Accept the changes that may occur, these changes are already in the customer business, and warrants.
5.3: Pay 5 from the date of invoice�until the end of business day, PayPal account or bank account numbers or Weblica.net specified at the customer communication to the hand is obliged to pay.
5.4: The customer receives the package has the right to transfer up to Monthly Bandwidth.�Customer exceeds this limit, the calculated and invoiced at the end of each month per GB costs 3 TL + KDV,
In the month where the month, including monthly charges, according to Article 5.4 shall be liable to a year.
5.5: Weblica.net, customer payment until you have completed the process of closing the service, reserves the right to open.

6 - The suspension of
6.1: Payment on the problems occur, customers who have ordered to pay by credit card issues, or the terms and obligations related to the provision for materials Weblica.net, all of the services provided to customers, e-mail, web, ftp accounts, all of the right to stop.
6.2: In this situation continues, the customer's name during the e-mail, web, ftp and e-mail accounts can not access e-mails from bloklanarak rejected.

7 - Termination
Customer business in violation of this agreement to any act or if the business does not fulfill its responsibilities and commitments on the face of this statement is not true, If it is determined that the above-mentioned contract to continue to suspend the state in more than 7 days, no notice, and notice Weblica.net has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without the need to.
This termination will take place after the customer, regardless of the time remaining to be paid back to the last contract isteyemeyece�ini fee, agrees and undertakes.
Customer no justification with the contract before the expiry of 10 days before the normal period of notice in writing to work on the condition of this contract shall be entitled to termination at the end of time.
In case of termination by the customer before the expiration of the contract until the end of the contract the wages to be paid 1 / 2 to give cash as a lump sum and pay the statement, and undertakes to accept.

8 - The Return
8.1: For the reasons stated below Weblica.net consumer's rights pursuant to commit themselves to a refund within 25 days.
8.1.1: Given service Weblica.net Can not use service-sided grievances and for technical reasons.
8.1.2: Weblica.net caused by poor communication and problem-giderememe problems with the customer.
8.1.3: Weblica.net caused by the claimed and proved a problem because of the.

9 - Communication and information addresses
9.1: Parties arising from the contract at any notification to the specified mail addresses in order for the parties accept as a legal residence, and have committed to register.
9.2: The addresses in the hands of any notification to the parties shall be deemed to be notified even ula�masa.�Changes to these addresses to the other side of the business notified in writing of the old addresses will be valid.
9.3: Weblica.net during the contract period allocated to the customer by e-mail address of the message, data, text, notice, payment notice, the account timetable, send eksteresi account.�>Electronic messages that reach the customer can claim him or not taken as 1 day after the date on which sent those messages deemed to have notified the legal sense, statement, and undertakes to accept.

10 - Deduction in default in paying the fee
10.1: Client, which correspond to the services within 7 days of the date of application shall be deemed in default if payment does not perform.�In this case, it might disrupt Weblica.net exchange rate bill per month from the date of invoice, such as wills, can request up to 15% default interest.�Customer agrees to pay a default interest rate and foreign exchange declaration and accept the bill.
10.2: The customer will receive any type of work under this contract for the Weblica.net 'to open in the event of litigation or enforcement proceedings by 15% per month late payment, the balance amount of debt to the violation of up to 50%, 10% of all attorneys' fees and other�to pay the legal expenses statement, and undertakes to accept.
10.3: Customer, work under this contract for the collection of receivables for interim injunction upon the application of the legal authorities and Weblica.net Sequestration of unsecured Sequestration and is authorized to issue an interim injunction in the courts but still demand collateral, letters of guarantee to be taken from banks resulting from the commission and�any and all fees are paid by themselves and no objection to these issues bulunmayaca��n� statement, and undertakes to accept.

11 - Competent Court and Court of
11.1: This agreement, however, consists of 11 items and sub-headings, read and understood by the parties have signed.�(The under signature. Weblica.net order on the internet realized by sending an e accepted).If it is necessary Weblica.net new substances and / or sub-titles add, remove, or make changes on the articles.�Customer declares and commits these changes beforehand.
11.2: Work to solve any kind of conflict arising during the implementation of this contract and the Executive Office of the Courts is authorized.
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